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The Official website of Philippine Journal of Extension Services

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The Philippine Journal of Extension Services is published annually by the Pangasinan State University-Extension Services Office.

Please address all communications to the Editor-in-Chief:

PSU-Extension Services Office, Pangasinan State University-Main Campus, Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines 2401

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Please submit to PJES editor-in-chief through this email address: pjes_submission@psu.edu.ph


Community extension is a core function of all higher education institutions in the Philippines. It promotes volunteerism within the organization that is manifested in various activities beneficial to their adopted communities. Extension professionals in academic institutions provide research-based extension services to their beneficiaries which may include outreach and livelihood programs. Such should be disseminated in order for the public to know the type of services these institutions provide which they can avail.

The Philippine Journal of Extension Services (PJES) offers an avenue to extension professionals and other enthusiasts to publish and inform the public of their extension work.

The PJES recognizes the effort of the authors by publishing scientific and developmental papers that promotes the extension services of their organizations. We encourage authors to submit manuscript in PJES to disseminate their work and be recognized for such.



I take pride and pleasure in congratulating the PSU Extension Services Office for coming up with their official extension journal called Philippine Journal of Extension Services. It is a time to reckon and to commend ourselves for the undoubting spirit, courage of conviction, and commitment to the ideals of being a Philippine Quality Award Level III awardee, which has always been a fountain of inspiration for all PSUnians. And truly, with your commitment to strive to contribute to University’s mission of producing innovative and globally competent individuals, your publication of this journal containing articles written by the faculty and students is a truly good piece of gesture towards this end.

It is important to realize that your extension endeavor should continue to improve thequality of teaching and training of students, increase our standards in all aspects, and improve the quality of life of larger community.

It is time we shift equations as we now live in new realities and emerging trends. We need to accept certain shifts – from an emphasis on just providing learning inside the classrooms to conducting relevant researches and extending it to uplift the quality of life of our students and their community. We cannot be satisfied with doing a good job now. We need to improve each time and if we want to leave footprints in the sands of time, let us not drag our feet. We have to walk in oneness with determination and confidence towards attainment of our vision. Again, congratulations to PSU-Extension Services Unit.

Dr. Dexter R. Buted

University President

With so many competent and distinguished extension professionals of the university who, in one way or another, have brought prestige to the university through their community extension undertakings, this journal was born out of the earnest desire of the PSU Extension Services Unit to uplift the stature of extension services in the university and to comply with the requirements set by the Commission on Higher Education and the AACCUP.

This publication showcases the realization of the goals of the extension unit to disseminate the extension services provided by PSU which leads higher productivity and greater relevance. To the extension unit of university, Congratulations and may we all be inspired to undertake more relevant community extension to further realize our goals.

Paulo V. Cenas, Ed.D.

PSU Vice President for Research,
Extension and Innovation